Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kevin most awesome kid ever Hisel

One thing i have learned in Tyler is that they are blessed with a very select few group of people who are so awesome! kevin Hisel is one of those people. He is my sunday school teacher and also a very close friend. i love the way he teaches the doctrine. he puts it at a level i can relate, which is so important to a convert like me. Kevin is a special kid. He got very very sick a while ago and didnt think that he would be alive today and from the grace of god he is better than ever and even teaching others! i believe H.F. did me a great deal and let me meet him so we could become good friends and he could help me more than ever on my walk. He doesnt know how much he really helps me, but he does.
We had a FHE lesson last night over love and friendship and kevin is a perfect example of that! he never leaves anyone out, and always makes sure he haseveryone know that he cares for them. what an awesome example he is! i could go on and on about this awesome kid! Thomas S. Monson would be proud :) so to Kevin Hisel im so grateful for all that you do and thanks for being such an awesome friend!

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