Friday, April 9, 2010

pardon me.

i've come to realize im extremely blessed.

not blessed with only good things,

but bad as well and im thankful that i can listen to the prophets to cheer me up.

thank you prophets.

sincerely, Allie.

i have been feeling an ergency of change. i feel that im not the best as i can be and of course im going to over analyze everything about it. the thing is i dont know what else i can do. i need stephanie here with me to cheer me up that would be nice, but to consume the time that shes not here i have become very emo. ha, not quite but i do feel so down! i feel like im almost an entertainment event for some people. that they look at me like im not good enough. that the things i dont do are right, which i know they are wrong. because i live very righteously. and im so thankful for the spirit. without it i wouldnt be where i am today- which is happiness to the extreme. i love following my heavenly fathers road map for me. im sorry if you are not able to see that i am going to be a representative of the lord even with my past. so, if you cannot see this happening im sorry i have led you in the wrong way. because i am. and always will be and hopefully next time the glow of the holy spirit will be so bright around me that no explanation will be needed for you will see the only thing i stand for is of righteousness. i hope i can do that- for you and for everyone. my testimony and faith grows every day and im still learning and i am again thankful for these bitter sweet blessings.