Monday, August 16, 2010

the last week of summer, you wont be missed!

i know i know its been almost a month. its just super hard to remember about this thing! on a good note, i did remember at 2A.M. and so i begin to write. In my last post i talked alot about self discoverance and the steps i need to take to find who i truely am. sad to say i havent had much of a new discoverance lately, but i have been getting back on the right track. i was getting a little too busy with worldly things and forgetting what was ultimately the real reason why i was even here. so, WABAM. im back. didnt take long i know but its twice as hard getting back than it is to stay consistant. one thing that i have found that i just love love love doing is spending time with the missionaries. The missionaries that we have right now really like to take me out with them and i get to share some pretty awesome experiences with them. All the missionaries from tyler2, Bullard, Tyler 1st, and the spanish ward are so nice. one piece of advice i will share is that you should NOT sit right behind them during a stake confrence. you will be distracted the whole time. me and a close friend Adam were having such a hard time focusing because the elders were goofing off. shame shame. but one a higher note you could see the love they have for eachother very brightly. it was nice to look at. it makes me miss stephanie. she graduated this past weekend and i am so proud of her. she is truely a blessing and im the happiest girl ever when im with her. i cant wait to see her in 3 weeks.
speaking of 3 weeks. this will apply to my "journey to self- findance" mission. Audrey and I (and whoever else wants to join) will be driving to utah the weekend of labor day. it will be an awesome trip and im super excited to see all the pretty things. Audrey drove to Utah with sydney and she said it was so beautiful so im hoping this will help us single ladies be more independent :) . Im hoping that once school starts that independence stride will actually kick- in. i am taking 19 hours this semester so i will be doing alot of studying..ALONE. or need to atleast. Im so determined to be out of here by the end of this school year. it WILL happen. one thing that is going to make me happt this week is that my roomate is finally moving in on Thursday i believe. she had been gone all summer and i have been very lonely with out her. ill be soo happy when i wont have to be in an apartment all by myself. it will be a nice way to start the new school year. once she moves in we will have to go to "YA-A-TE" which is a leadership retreat for students at TJC. We both went last year and had so much fun and made alot of friends so hopefully since we are familar with everything we will be able to lead the other incoming students into having an awesome freshman year. fingers crossed.
on a spiritual note i lvoe how heavenly father know when to let someone you really love and care about know that you are feeling like they need to hear from you. Rosa Mower sent me a lovely letter today and it just made my heart melt. HF knows exactly want i want to hear when i am feeling down and lets face it. with all these stupid boy problems lately i NEED it! He is so simple and clear when it comes to those things. its amazing how we always have such a hard time finding him when he is so bright and right there! while i was reading my scriptures tonight i was going through my normal mood swings ( resembling a roller coaster) and i was at the low point, so he knew i would be reading in mosiah and knew i would love to here chapter 24! it was nice to know that he will always carry my burdens from me as long as i live through his commandments and have patience. that is one thing i learned i need to work on and that once i figure out how to be patient my feelings will eventually be taken away from me, so from here on out Allie is working on patience. this should be interesting. so, while i am working on my patience i will try to remember and keep up with this. i will also try to start a written one so my future children will be able to keep record of my life and how cool there mom was. that sounded kinda creepy but, it sounded like a smart idea when i was told about it. good- bye for now!