Friday, May 28, 2010

A little recap.

Okay, so im sitting here in my room thinking about how blessed I really am. I just had the best week ever. my close friend Stephanie came down with her two friends Blake and Dan. Im so lucky to have them as friends now! Thinking back to how lucky i am to have the friends that i have back home is such a comfort for me. of course most of this group was from Utah, but it just makes me more excited to move there! These people i have met have such a strong spirit, its amazing. I love it. They way they are willing to use their priesthood to the fullest and not only be more than willing to help but actually suggest they we use them. It blows my mind that they have so proud in the calling they have been given. we need to see more of this for sure! other than their sweet spirits they are so kind. that is one thing i love about the church. In most cases the people are so welcoming and so friendly. i've met so many people this week and they have no become some of my closest friends. true blessing. through out this week we have seriously been in over drive! we have been driving everywhere, starting with sunday after church. We were so lucky to have had dinner with the Coslett's. I have never really had the chance to get to know them and i'm sorry i hadnt earlier! They are so kind and funny! Kim kept us company for hours with her stories and i laughed so much. it was much needed. She is learning to crotchet and she is so good at it, im hoping she can teach me. i need to pick up a hobby and think that would be a nice way to pass time by. Thank you so much Kim and Jerry for the wonderful time! monday was a day spent with the mowers! i love love love the mowers! they are the best gift god could have given me. spending the day with them is always great. we tried being hypnotized. if you have never done it i must say its very hard, and its doubtful that it will work. esp. if you have they guy doing it that did ours. his voice was SO funny! there was no hypnotizing that day, but there was a good laugh :) Rosa mower is such an inspiration to me. if i had never met her i would really be missing a huge part of my life. she is such an amazing woman. i could listen to her talk for hours and it never gets old. she gives the best advice ever. her advice actually works too! i have been having a lot of hardtimes and it almost seemed like my personal prayers werent helping. i love how rosa can look at me and give me the most simple answer to all my problems. Its funny how its usually my inpatience. i have to work on that. tuesday was the most eventful. we were given free tickets to Sixflags by a family Stephanie had served on her mission. we had so much fun! stephanie, blake, dan, clint, audrey, matt, and griffin we and had so much fun! I always feel like a little kid when i go there. it was hot and gross there but, well worth it :) i love spending time with all of them. After Sixflags we had some family bonding time and just swam around and watched a movie. Me and Audrey found a new talent. we are excellent syncronized swimmers. we can make a crowd go crazy thats for sure. ha, it was almost like dinner and a show for everyone. but our passion for it will never pass, we will continue to go for our dreams of having a team!
By the way, anyone who actually enjoyed Where the wild things are is crazy. i fell asleep in the first ten minutes. It made no sense. so if you actually did get it, then good job for you.
aside from that, wednesday i spent it with the mowers again and loved it. rosa and i had another great talk and she made us cookies :) i sware everytime i come home i gain wieght because of rosa and her cookies! wednesday night i went home. i had been dreading that all week but i only had to be alone for one night. and i wasnt really alone. i had a friend stay with me and we went to this pond that my friend Ammon always used to take me, its my favorite place in Tyler. its so peaceful and pretty. when i go there i always feel like im not in Tyler, im somewhere i actually want to be. it lets me get away for a while and just think about everything thats been bothering me and even making me happy. its a nice get away.
the Ex-missionaries came back to me! thursday they came to tyler and spent the night with me. i LOVED it. it was funny seeing them all squished into my little apartment! I took them to the Taylors and got yo meet my favorite person in tyler :) hilde taylor is so awesome. i love her to death, and past that! im blessed shes in my life. we took them to dinner then just came back to my place and tried watching a movie but we all crashed. now that they are gone im so sad! i wish they could stay with me forever and ever! but they have other places to be, so i must share. but im extremely blessed to be able to have friends like them and will miss them a lot.
this was truely an awesome week :) and now next week will be awesome as well because i will get to see little Drewby!!! im so pumped.
oh yes, also. i would like to add that just because i am a nice person does NOT mean you have to be rude to me. dont take advantage of me just because im a good person. i think its its very poor on a persons part for them to think that i am being "too nice" to annoy you. All i want is to be friendly with people so please, get over yourselves. i love you all and want the best for you all. seriously. :) so thank you!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's play a love game.

This weekend is going to be the best weekend ever! i have traveled back home so im in good ol' Denton and let me tell you. it's the best feeling in the world. nothing can compare to the feeling i get when i drive into denton and i pass stateschool, and our ghetto mall :) ha. I needed a serious getway from Tyler. Tyler is something in its self, and lately there has just been TOO MUCH. there is too much drama and not enough happiness there. i feel bad for poor Tyler.I hope it gets better. i want everyone to just love, and stop worrying about stupid little things. a main source of all this trouble has been a huge over load for me. i have been clinging on to the scriptures and prayer just to control my sanity. it doesnt help so much that im a very visual person. i watch everything, and i really mean everything. which ends up disappointing me a lot of times. so my lacking of noticing completely OBVIOUS things ends up screwing me over, but my ability to notice the unoticable is completely useless, unless it's to paranoy me. thanks brain. so what does a girl do when she is caught up thinking she is going crazy? she comes home and waits for stephanie johnston and audrey dwinnell to come play with her of course! these girls are a complete life saver! i'm so serious, they make me smile like a little girl. i wish they cold live in Tyler with me. Audrey has been a huge crutch for me lately, not like she never is but she has been a true sister to me by helping me with relationships. which are hard i might add. but just as long as you do what makes you happy, theres always a way to work it all out. and thats what ive been missing. doing what makes me happy. so im going be happy no matter what i do from now on :) and i would love it if you all joined me. i think if you add, church, scriptures, the people you love, a positive attitude, and a stuffed animal you WILL be the happiest person ever! i hope its very simple to make consistent. the picture on this post helps me alot. it comforts me to know that my heaven father is holding my hand. guiding me, not letting me go astray. its a nice feeling. i get this feeling when im around stephanie too. all i have to say is my friends are so amazing and im so blessed for all the miracles they do for me :)