Friday, November 5, 2010

broken hearts dont bounce.

when do you think enough is enough?

we spend our whole lives saying " i would never let that happen to me." or complaining about a friend who is in an unhealthy relationship when in reality were constantly doing it to ourselves everyday. we are always pushing ourselves closer and closer past the line of "okay" and we don't even notice. if we were to have ourselves filmed and watch what we do to ourselves we would be not only disappointed but i know we would all be so embarrassed! Now, i know your thinking to yourself I'm not like that and sorry to burst your bubble but, you really are. we all are!Now, you wonder why we do this to ourselves? who knows! I have wanted to know this for a while now and the only conclusion i can come up with is simply because we want it. No, I'm not saying we want to get beaten or we want to be unhappy and stuck with a kid and his dad doesn't pay child support but we strive to be this idealistic figure that we don't even notice when things aren't going the way they're supposed to we take so by the time we finally notice somethings not right were stuck in those really crappy places.

Example, a girl sits on her couch and watches chick flicks all the time and gets this fantasy in her head of how she wants all her relationships to go. she of course wants to meet the really cute boy in a book store where shes looking for her favorite book. of course, the boy has her book and they start up a conversation about it. after a great conversation they go on a date. the date goes well so, they go a few more. the girl has always told herself that she would never rush into a relationship but these past 3 dates have been so awesome. so what do you think she does? she lets her guard down and falls in love, and just like clock work what does the guy do right when she starts showing a little more of her feelings for him? he gets the heck out. you would think he was a track and field star with how fast he was running but the only way you know how he wasnt athletic at all is because his only achievement in life was the " best Luke Skywalker shrine"award from the 2007 comic convention. so, the girl sits there dumbfounded. how could she let this happen? she didn't even like him that much to begin with, but now she cant stop thinking about him, and how he wants nothing to do with her. Its an unfair game my friends. It really is, and i know we all get tired of playing. When do you think it will get to the part where everyone will have this huge revelation of being totally coherent of every little thing that goes around us. We will be able to recognize every step we take and what step the other is trying to take. it almost seems like a dream but i know eventually it will happen. I know somewhere out there in this crazy world, people are able to be emotionless until they have reached their destination, happiness in the healthiest way.

sounds a little crude i know but its what has to happen! I'm probably am making you think I'm some huge man hater but, i promise I'm not. this constant game is just so ridiculous to me! the only advice i can give is to just surround yourself with healthy happy friends. first sign of something making you unhappy, get away from it! if it makes you stressed, sad, frustrated, or anything less than 100% happy you better high tail out! just because your without someone to cuddle with or text constantly doesn't mean you cant be happy. so get over yourselves. if you cant seem to get away from it all, just make the best. like me, Im a firm believer that my life is a joke. Honestly, i feel that everyone's trying to play a joke on my life. I'm a typical lame, lazy, homebody with cats ( okay, i don't have cats but i wish i did.) and I'm okay with that! in conclusion to my huge rampage, just watch what the heck your doing kids. dont get caught up in something you'll regret later, and be happy!