Thursday, January 27, 2011

kickin' off the bucket list.

As of lately I've had a lot of time to think due to unemployment and schooling. During this time I realize that there are a lot of things I would like to do. Although, I am only 20 years old, I think this is the most perfect time to start the adventures I've always wanted to do. Interesting how all of this worked out, The day I returned from Utah (my home away from home that will became my home in the near future) I finally received my substantial amount of money from my previous school which put my brain from going a million miles per hour to only about a thousand. It was a nice breather seeing as how my brain is always going crazy. Due to my lack of financial worriment I of course had to think about something else. That's when I began to think about what I personally would want to do, not before I die, but before I get married and settled In with my "wiser" years. At my age girl's tend to start thinking about marriage, especially being LDS and that is not the case for me at all. I have too many things I want to do and experience before I have to tote another person with me everywhere I go. No offense to those who are toting- It's just not my thing, unless it's a friend :-). Friends are always okay, most of the time.
- so going forward on to the list of things I just realized I wanted to do, the first being way more traveling. I want to travel to Ireland, and Italy. I could fantasize about how beautiful it is my whole life but when am I going to actually make fantasy reality and go? Well, soon I hope, but I figured with a lot begging from my parents and many presents given up I could get there. So, here's to traveling and meeting new people! I think I could handle meeting new people from different countries, they might understand my sarcasm a little more. We can only hope. I feel, actually I know that a lot of times people don't catch on to my sarcasm. In my opinion, it's their loss, because I'm quite funny but none the less they don't always get it. Okay, bringing us to the second item of the bucket list is to be more open. Not open in a "late hours" kind of way, or an open dater (although, I'm not opposed to that but let's face it that doesn't happen to often here in Texas), but yes to being open and more avialable to opportunities that come my way. I have wasted so many great things that could have changed my life due to other obligations that i knew wouldn't do as much for me or just pure lack of energy. Yes, i admitted it. These past few months or actually since school started I have been extremely lazy. Ya know, sometimes life just takes a lot out of you. That's why I'm using this semester off to get it back! It's important for women to do things like this to rejuvenate themselves everyone in a while. It's part of the cycle. boy's take notes- they go through the I don't care cycle where all the want to achieve is self contentment and be happy how they are even if they are over weight (which results in way too much eating) and not the "best" selves they can be. They also hit the super self conscious, I'm not eating anything in fear of my body absorbing every calorie I take in because I feel like every one looking at me is judging me. Sadly, this part of the cycle happens far too often but hey, it happens to the best of us. Lastly, I'm sure with a few more stages of the cycle in between there is the rejuvenation stage. Every girl realizes the ups and downs of their roller coaster cycle and wants to set everything straight again. They want to be a better them in all ways possible doing things they've never had the chance to do ( as I'm doing) and having that constant breath of fresh air around them. Now that I've reiterated some of the basic points in a woman's life giving reason to why we have these random acts of change in life.
- I've gotten off track, like usual and since you all know that my blogs can get a little random and can end very abruptly I feel I must continue the tradition. Maybe as my life goes on I will inform everyone of the bucket list progression, but for now it's sianora (sp?) busta's!